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Altar of St. Peter raising Tabitha
painting Costanzi, 1757
mosaic, 1758-60


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St. Peter

Tabitha was the woman of Jaffa.
(Acts 9:36-42)

The miracle is shown in a mosaic inspired by a painting by Placido Costanzi (1702-1759).


From: 'St. Peter's Basilica - A Virtual Tour' by Our Sunday Visitor
Facing the tomb is the Tabitha Altar, flanked by two columns in gray granite and consecrated in 1726. The mosaic altarpiece showing the Resurrection of the Widow Tabitha by Peter in the city of Joppe, was executed in 1760 from the original by Costanzi, now in the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, which had replaced an earlier fresco over the altar by Baglione.

From: 'The Mosaics of Saint Peter's' by Frank DiFrederico
The cartoon was painted by Placido Costanzi, who received payment for it on 31 July 1740. The picture was to replace the altarpiece by Giovanni Baglione, painted in about 1604 to 1606 but in complete ruin by the mid-eighteenth century. The Costanzi cartoon was neglected for several years. In March 1756 the Congregazione della Reverenda Fabbrica finally decided to execute the mosaic, and in 1758 Costanzi was paid 450 scudi for repainting his picture. The picture is signed and dated 1757. The mosaic was executed by Giuseppe Ottaviani, Guglielmo Paleat, Bernardino Regoli, and Giovanni Freancesco Fiani from 1758 to 1760. Costanzi's picture, along with a copy of Baglione's painting, is now in S. Maria degli Angeli, Rome.