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105. St. Athanasius
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St. Athanasius of Alexandria
Born - 296
Died - 2 May 373 in Alexandria

Feastday - 2 May

Statue created - c.1669-1670
The statue is one of the group of 16 installed between 1 May 1669 and 5 August 1670.

Sculptor - Giovanni Maria De Rossi
This statue, along with numbers (104), (106), (107) and (108) are attributable to the sculptor

Height - 3.1 m. (10ft 4in) travertine
The saint is dressed in a bishop's robe and opens a scroll, symbolic of his many writings. Here he is represented more youthfully than his statue beside the Chair of St Peter.

Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria, was one of the first bishops, who was not a martyr. to receive public worship. He is a Doctor of the Church, and was the chief defender against Arianism.


Saints on South Colonnade
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106. John Chrysostom

105. Athanasius

Saints on South Colonnade
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110. Clement - Far Left


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