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26. St. Febronia
The 140 Saints of the Colonnade

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St. Febronia - Virgin and Martyr
Born - 284
Died - 305

Statue created - 1667-1668
It is part of a group of 16 installed between May 1667 and July 1668.

Sculptor - Lazzaro Morelli
Morelli, the son of a Florentine sculptor, initially came to Rome to work under Francois Duquesnoy, but left that studio to work under Bernini.
Height - 3.1 m. (10ft 4in) travertine
Febronia is represented in the act of holding pliers to her chest, the instrument of her martyrdom.

Her pious legend was that Febronia was a nun at Nisibis martyred at the time of Diocletian. In the effort to make the lives of the saints accord with the facts of history, her listing was removed from the Roman Martyrology 2001.

Saints on the North Colonnade
Left of the Coat of Arms

27. Fabiola

26. Febronia

 25. Mark

Saints on North Colonnade
Alexander VII Coat of Arms

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 27. Fabiola
 26. Febronia
25. Mark
24. Mary of Egypt


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