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120. St. Hyacinth
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St. Hyacinth
Born - c.1185
Died - 15 August 1257 in Krakow

Feastday - 15 August, but celebrated 17 August
Canonized - 17 April 1594 by Pope Clement VIII

Statue created - c.1667-1668
The statue is part of a group of 16 that were installed betwen March 1670 and March 1673.

Sculptor - Lazzaro Morelli
Morelli was the most prolific of the sculptors working for Bernini on the colonnade statues, with over 45 attributed to him.

Height - 3.1 m. (10ft 4in) travertine
Represented in a Dominican habit, the saint contemplates a monstrance held in his right hand.

While in Rome, Hyacinth met St Dominic and became a Dominican friar. Returning to his native Poland, he established the Dominican order there and worked to reform women's monasteries. He made missionary journeys, certainly into what is now the Czech Republic and by tradition into Russian territory and perhaps Central Asia.


Saints on South Colonnade

121. Francis Xavier

120. Hyacinth

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Saints on South Colonnade

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121. Francis Xavier

120. Hyacinth


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