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63. St. John
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St. John - Martyr
Died - c.362 in Rome

Feastday - 26 June

Statue created - c.1702-1703
On 12 January 1702 Felice agreed to execute the statue, which he delivered on 10 August 1703.

Sculptor - Vincenzo Felice
He received a down payment of 10 scudi with a final balance of 70 scudi.

Height - 3.1 m. (10ft 4in) travertine
John is depicted as a warrior with armour adherent to the chest, and wrapped in a large cloak. He holds the folds of his cloak in his right hand, his left holds the stem of a palm leaf.

The two martyrs John and Paul (62) are always venerated together. A legend states that they were servants of Constantia, daughter of Constantine the Great. John, along with his brother Paul, was beheaded during the reign of Julian the Apostate.

The Roman Martyrology 2004 says, "A basilica was dedicated in their names on the Caelian hill, on Clivus Scauri, which was the titulus of Pammachius the senator.'


Saints on North Colonnade
Constantinian Wing

65. Cosmas
64. Damian

63. John
62. Paul

Saints on North Colonnade
Constantinian Wing

63. John
  62. Paul

  61. Vincent


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