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134. St. Louis Bertrán
The 140 Saints of the Colonnade

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St. Louis Bertrán
Born - 1 January 1526
Died - 9 October 1581

Feastday - 9 October
Canonized - 1671 by Pope Clement X

Statue created - c.1672-1673
Part of a group of 16 installed between August 1670 and March 1673

Sculptor - :Lazzaro Morelli (1619-1690)

Height - 3.1 m. (10ft 4in) travertine
Dressed in the Dominican habit with a tonsure on his head, he raises his right hand while holding a crucifix in his left.

A Spanish Dominican who worked in Colombia and Panama, and also in the Leeward Islands, he was known as the Apostle of the Americas, and is a patron of Colombia.  After his missionary work, he returned to Spain to plead the cause of the oppressed Indians.


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134. Louis Bertrán

133. John of Matha

Saints on South Colonnade

135. Bruno

134. Louis Bertrán

133. John of Matha


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