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St. Pancras - Martyr
Born - c.289
Died - c.304 Via Aurelia, Rome

Feastday - 12 May

Sculptor - Francesco Moderati
He was paid 80 scudi for the work. This is the first known work of the sculptor.

Statue created - c.1702-1703
It was completed by June 1703

Height - 3.1 m. (10ft 4in) travertine
The statue depicts the saint according to the traditional iconography, as a young Roman wearing a short tunic.  Despite the restorations, this statue shows remarkable workmanship with the flluid treatment of the drapery, expression of the face, and sobriety of attitude.

Pancras was a youth who converted to Christianity in Rome and was beheaded during the persecution of Diocletian.


Saints on South Colonnade
Charlemagne Wing

97. Laurence

96. . Dionysus

95. Pancras

Saints on South Colonnade
Charlemagne Wing

96. . Dionysus

95. Pancras

94. Pelagia


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