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68. St. Protase
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St. Protase
Died - c. second century

Feastday - 19 June

Statue created - c.1702-1703
On 11 January 1702, Giorgini began the work on the statue which was delivered 19 April 1703.

Sculptor - Simone Giorgini
In 1703 Giorgini received 80 scudi for the work. The artist engaged in a number of significant works of which comparisons can be made.  The attitude of this figure recalls the Faith stucco in St Ignatius, made before 1686.

Height - 3.1 m. (10ft 4in) travertine
The saint is depicted with a youthful appearance and no special attributes. A large cloth with rich folds wraps around the figure.

St Protase was martyred in Milan together with his brother St Gervase (69), during the second century. They are the patron saints of Milan.

Much of what we know of them, relies on a dream by St Ambrose.  The Roman Martyrology 2004 entry for 19 June reads: "The commemoration of Sts Gervase and Protase, martyrs, whose bodies were found by St Ambrose and transferred to a newly built basilica on this day with much solemn ceremony."


Saints on North Colonnade
Constantinian Wing

69. Gervase
68. Protase

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Saints on North Colonnade
Constantinian Wing

69. Gervase
68. Protase


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