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Benedict XV Monument

On the right (north) aisle, next to the tomb of John Paul I, is the tomb of Benedict XV, Giacomo Della Chiesa, from Genova. He was pope from 1914 to 1922, during World War I, when he was a promoter of peace and a charitable rescuer. The original and refined funerary monument was offered by the Arch-bishopric of Bologna, the former diocese of the deceased pope, and made by Giulio Barbieri.












The big sarcophagus made of light colored cipollino marble appears massive with its robust frame and protruding corners. The bronze figure of the pope lies in state on an ornate drape, his head resting on cushions, his hands on his chest. The features of the face are rendered with great realism, like the pontifical vestments with rich embroidery. On the corner pillars on the sides of the front are two bronze reliefs: to the left is the coat-of-arms of the pope with a church surmounted by an eagle; to the right is the symbol of Bologna with the cross decorated with olive branches with the monograms of Christ on the sides. Below, on a bronze scroll, is the inscription with the name of the pope: BENEDICTVS XV P.M.

Tomb of Benedict XV under St Peter's in the Vatican Grottoes
Tomb of Benedict XV
The bronze figure of Benedict XV on top of his tomb
The bronze figure of Benedict XV
Scroll with the Popes name: BENEDICTVS XV P.M.
Scroll with the name: BENEDICTVS XV P.M.
Tomb of Benedict XV - facing north in the Grottoes
Tomb of Benedict XV - facing north
Tomb of Benedict XV
Tomb of Benedict XV in the Vatican Grottoes



Source: Roma Sacra The Vatican Grottoes, Fabbrica of St. Peter's, June 2003

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