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Giovanni Antonio Facchinetti was born in Crodo, northern Italy. He lived from July 20, 1519 to December 30, 1591.

Opposite the tomb of Benedict XV is the sarcophagus with the remains of Innocent IX Facchinetti, who was pope during the last 2 months of 1591. He was buried in a simple provisional tomb, against the dividing wall between the old and new basilica.





On September 25, 1606, the tomb was opened and the great nephews of the pope had the remains transferred to a new, modest tomb. Its front was made from 3 marble slabs, the one in the center bearing the inscription with the pope's name (today affixed above the sarcophagus). The lateral slabs were decoreated with Greek crosses in bas-relief. The present tomb of Innocent IX is a 3rd c. sarcophagus. It was given its present location during the restoration of the grottoes in the middle of the 20th century. The simple marble box has a blank inscription plate and an ornate frame decorated with acanthus leaves.

Detail of the Sarcophagus of Innocent IX - Vatican Grottoes
The sarcophagus of Innocent IX
Source: Roma Sacra The Vatican Grottoes, Fabbrica of St. Peter's, June 2003

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