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 Popes and Episodes on the Portico Ceiling
 Carlo Maderno, apx. 1612

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Map of the Popes
Map of the Episodes

The Maps of the Portico are from above. If you look up inside the Portico, the items would be reversed. Entrance from the Square is on the East (E)

The Sainted Pope statues & artworks
1. St Liberius I
2. St Silvester I
3. St Melchiades
4. St Linus
5. St Cletus
6. St Clement I
7. St Anacletus I
8. St Evaristus I
9. St Alexander I
10. St Sixtus I
11. Pasce Oves Meas
12. St Telesphorus I
13. St Hyginus I
14. St Pius I
15. St Anicetus I
16. St Soter I
17. St Eleutherius I
18. St Victor I
19. St Zephyrinus I
20. St Leo the Great
21. St Paul I
22. St Damasus I
23. St Gregory the Great
24.St Callistus I
25. St Urban I
26. St Pontian I
27. St Anterus I
28. St Fabian I
29. St Cornelius I
30. St Lucius I
31. The Navicella (1300ca)
32. St Dionysius I
33. St Felix I
34. St Eutychian I
35. St Caius I
36. St Marcellinus I
37. St Marcellus I
38. St Eusebius I
39. St Mark I
40. St Julius I









Episodes in the Life of St Peter and St Paul
41. Angels carry the Cathedra from Antioch
   to Rome
42. St Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit preaches
    to the multitude
43. St Peter receives the converted pagans
44. Faith
45.St Andrew presents St Peter to Jesus
46. Christ call St Peter and St Andrew
47. Coat of Arms of Paul V
48. The Miraculous Draught of Fishes
49. The Navicella
50. Pope St Cornelius and the matron Lucina
   recover the bodies of the apostle from the well
51. The consigning of the Keys
52. The Transfiguration
53. The tribute money
54. The washing of the feet
55. Christ in the Garden of Gethsemani
56. St Peter and St Paul appear in a dream 
   to Constantine
57. The arrest of Christ. St Peter cuts off
   the ear of Malchus
58. St Peter denies Christ in the
   presence of the maid servant
59. Coat of Arms of Paul V
60. St Peter denies Christ for the third time
61. St Peter and St John at Christ's tomb
62. Fortitude
63. The death of Saphira
64. St Peter freed from Prison
65. The consigning of the Keys
66. The baptism of St Processus 
   and St Martinianus
67. Coat of Arms of Clement XI
68. The appearance of Christ at the 
   Lake of Tiberias
69. Prudence
70. Pasce Oves Meas
71. Constantine begins the construction 
   of St Peter's Basilica
72. St Peter cures a cripple
73. The death of Ananias
74. The death of Saphira
75. St Peter
76. The raising of Tabitha
77. The vision of the unclean beasts
78. Coat of Arms of Paul V
79. St Peter and the centurion Cornelius
80. St Peter freed from prison
81. St Peter guided by the Angel
    reaches the gate of the city
82. The fall of Simon Magus
83. St Paul
84. The baptism of St Processus 
   and St Martinianus
85. Domine, quo vadis?
86. The Orientals hide the bodies
   of St Peter and St Paul in a well
87. The martyrdom of St Peter
88. Hope
89. The deposition of St Peter
90. St Peter writes an Epistle
91. Coat of Arms of Paul V
South - Arch of the Bells St Paul I St Paul I St Leo the Great St Leo the Great St Zephyrinus I St Zephyrinus I St Victor I St Eleutherius I St Soter I St Anicetus I St Pius I St Hyginus I St Telesphorus I North - Entrance to the Grottoes, Elevator to the Roof, Gift Shop West - Entrance to the Basilica Pasce Oves Meas by Bernini St Sixtus I St Alexander I St Evaristus I St Anacletus I St Clement I St Cletus St Linus St Melchiades St Silvester I St Silvester I St Liberius I St Liberius I