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Sr Wendy's Vatican Audio Tour

by: Artineraries.com


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"No church has so magnificent an approach as does St Peter's. As we move across the Vatican square before us, we are enfolded in the lofty embrace of Bernini's colonnade. Marble pillars that are meant to welcome us into the spiritual experience of the basilica itself. One hundred and forty saints stand atop, visible assurance of the power of faith to transform us, and signaling by their mute presence, sort of an inanimate guard of honor, that we are moving onto sacred ground."

- Sister Wendy


Audio sample by Sister Wendy:

St Peter's Square & Colonnade

Inside St Peter's Basilica

500 YEARS ON, THE VATICAN MUSEUMS GO DIGITAL VATICAN CITY (Italy) - Art & Media Communications announces the release of the first downloadable audio tour of the Vatican museums, including the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica written and narrated by renowned art historian, Sister Wendy Beckett (of PBS and BBC fame). In over 90 minutes of audio, visitors will hear about and see the wonders of the Vatican Museums, stopping along the way to admire some of the greatest art in the world. Once in the Sistine Chapel, Sister Wendy gives her unique and passionate interpretation of Michelangelo's entire masterpiece, before guiding tourists through the marvels of St. Peter's Basilica. Sister Wendy's personal approach and entertaining descriptions along with her heartfelt insights add to the experience and allow visitors to see the Vatican collection as it has never been seen (or heard) before. In Sister Wendy's words, "The Vatican is a place where even the corridors are masterpieces." Visitors to Rome can simply upload the tracks onto their mobile mp3 players or iPod, or, download the Tour onto their devices directly from the Artineraries website www.artineraries.com.




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