Photos at St. Peter's Basilica





Pius VI Coat of Arms - Facade Gate Urban VII Gate - Entrance to St Peter's Face above Entrance to St Peter's Workers above Entrance to St Peter's Faces above Niche Detail above Capital on St Peter's Facade
Loggia of the Blessings Baggage Check & Audio Rental Main Entrance to St Peter's Portico of St Peter's John XXIII Coat of Arms - Portico Clement X Coat of Arms - Portico
Pasce Oves Meas  (Feed My Sheep) - Portico Detail in Portico Entrance to St Peter's from Portico Paul V Coat of Arms - Ceiling of Portico Portico Ceiling Pope St Pius I - Portico
Pope St Anacletus - Portico Pope St Eleutherus - Portico Medalion on the Portico Ceiling Medalion on the Portico Ceiling Detail on Capital in Portico Face Above Door in the Portico
Obelisk in the Square from the Portico Inscription on Portico Wall Navicella in the Portico Navicella Detail - Portico Detail from the Door of Death Door of Death - Wheelchair Ramp
Door of Good and Evil - Vatican II figures Door of Good & Evil - Martyrdom of Sts. Vitalis and Agricola Door of Good & Evil - Falcon Kills a Dove Filarete Door Martyrdom of St Peter - Filarete Door Martyrdom of St Paul - Filarete Door
Council of Florence - Filarete Door Filarete Self Portrait - Backside of Door Door of Sacraments - Baptism Door of Sacraments - Confession Holy Door at St Peter's Holy Door - Annunciation
Holy Door Inscription - Bottom Left Constantine Statue - Scala Regia Gift Shop - North of Portico Papal Keys and Inscription above Holy Door Statue of Prudence - Portico of St Peter's List of Names at the Portico Entrance
Filarete Door - Early Morning Door of Good and Evil - Early Morning Keys at Threshold - Door of Sacraments Charlemagne Statue South Portico The Holy Door in St Peter's Portico facing South