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20. St. Dominic
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St Dominic

St. Dominic
Born - 1170
Died - 6 August 1221

Feastday - 8 August
Canonized - 1234 by Gregory IX

Statue Installed - 1668
The statue is part of a group erected between July and December 1668.

Sculptor - Lazzaro Morelli
Morelli was the most prolific of the artists working for Bernini on the colonnade statues.

Height - 3.1 m. (10ft 4in) travertine
St Dominic wears the habit of the Dominican order, which he founded, with scapular and hood and a tonsure on his head. In his left hand he holds a lily. His foot rests on a closed book, which can be symbolic of a heretical work, as a major impetus in founding the Dominicans was to fight heresy.

The spread of the Rosary is attributed to St Dominic.  He founded the Order of Preachers (Dominicans), which was successful with conversions, as it applied his concept of harmmonizing the intellectual life with popular needs.

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 Saints on the North Colonnade

20. Dominic
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