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The western face of the "Red wall" as seen from the "Clivus"

Tomb R and R1

A large part of tombs R and R1 is occupied by the foundation wall of the Bernini canopy and by sarcophagi place there during the time of Constantinian construction. A paleo-Christian sarcophagus flanked with the figures of Peter and Paul can be seen there

From: 'Guide to the Vatican Necropolis' by Michele Basso, Fabbrica di S. Pietro

From the entrance of the Clivus one can see a stairway which leads north towards Area Q; installed there in the Clivus is a drain which serves as a conduit for rain water. It is important from a chronological viewpoint; the tiles which cover it bear the stamp of the factories of M. Aurelius Caesar and Faustina Augusta. These stamps, therefore, help fix the age of the drain and the famous "Red wall", built at the same period as the "Clivus," shortly after the middle of the second century.

From the Clivus a series of steps proceed from south to north, reaching an area of tombs designated as "Area Q". In this area there are again tombs of interment, remains of a mosaic pavement of large black and white marble pieces, and several sarcophagi.

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