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On the annual day for the Blessing of the Sick, many nuns in wheelchairs are brought into St Peter's

St Peter's Basilica is accessible by wheelchair.

This page will give you some details about accessibility at the Basilica, and provide some helpful links.

Accessible Italy - Organizes tours for people with disabilities

Accessible Rome - Vatican - Is a website written by a woman from a wheelchair perspective

Wheelchair Rental - When in Rome

Vatican Musuem - The museum has information on their services

An attendant opens the door with wheelchair ramp to the basilica
The wheelchair ramp
inside the Portico

Nuns in Wheelchairs enter St Peter's
These nuns seem
to have no problem
entering St Peter's


Services Map for St Peter's Basilica

Enter St Peter's from the right (north) side of the colonnade. Access is ramped at this point. Accessible restrooms are also near this area.

Proceed through the middle of the colonnades to the security personnel.

Entrance to the basilica is along the Constantine Wing on the Right
After passing through security, you will move up the right side toward the basilica.
The Baggage Deposit has an accessible elevator and rents the Audio Guide
Under the first arch, at the bottom right of the basilica, you will see the door for the Baggage Deposit. This area has the elevator up to the basilica level.
Inside the Portico, the last door on the right (Door of Death) has a wheelchair ramp

The elevator exit is on the right (north) side of the basilica. This is the spot where you can enter the grottoes (Tombs of the Popes), or the elevator to the roof.

To enter St Peter's you will move into the portico, and then access the last door on the left (facing the interior).

This door is often closed, but an attendant will be glad to open it for you.


Taxi for wheelchair 06 6988 4857

Wheelchair rental

The following companies in Rome rent wheelchairs:

Sanco charges clients for at least 10 days at 2.50/day, totaling 25. The company asks for an official document, like a passport, but they do not require a deposit. They will deliver the chair for an additional fee of 15. Their telephone number is

Unitalsi asks for a re-imbursable deposit of 50-100 for renting the wheel chair. There is no other charge. They are not able to deliver, so clients must pick up and deliver the wheel chair to their address, Via G. Mengarini, 107, Roma. This is located near the Stazione di Trastevere and Piazzale della Radio. They may require an official document and will photocopy for their records. You must call their store at this tel. no. after 9:00am 06/5590858

Majorana Medical Service charges 50 for a month rental, plus an additional 100 as a re-imbursable deposit. They will deliver with no additional cost. No document required. Their telephone number is


If you need to find a wheelchair really fast in the city for a visitor, these two places are handy:

AB Sanitaria, Ort. Arenula Tel.: 06/6880 4204 Via Arenula, 14 A deposit of 120 is asked for.
The cost for one day is 20

Ortopedia & Sanitaria, Via Vespasiano, 20-22-22b (near Pza Risorgimento-Metro A Ottaviano) TEL. 06/39723018 A deposit starting from 100 is asked for. The cost varies depending on how many days you need the wheelchair. The cost for 1 day is 25,82, 2 days is 18,08 (total of 36,16), 3 days is 13,94 (total of 41,82) etc.



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