The Choir Chapel - Detail Maps
The Altar Wall, East, West, North Wall, The Vault and Stalls
Choir Altar Wall Map

The Altar Wall - Choir Chapel

 1. The Sacrifice of Issac
 2. Melchizedek offers Bread and Wine
 3. Abraham receives the three Angels
 4. The Adoration of the Shepherds
 5. Circumcision
 6. The Sacrifice of Noah
 7. The widow of Sarepta
 8. The Sacrifice of Cain and Abel
 9. Justice
10. Prudence
11. Faith
12. The Immaculate Conception with
      Sts Francis, Anthony and John Chrysostom

13. Religion
14. Temperance
15. Fortitude

The East Wall - Choir Chapel

1. The Baptism of Christ
2. Jesus Tempted by Satan

The Organ on the East Wall 
The West Wall - Choir Chapel

1. The Adoration of the Magi
2. Presentation of the Baptist in the Temple

The Organ on the West Wall
The North Wall - Entrance

1. The rest during the Flight into Egypt
2. The Entrance Gate
3. Jesus amongst the doctors
The Vault  

 1. God separates the light from the darkness
 2. Moses performs miracles in the presence of Pharaoh
 3. Joseph reveals himself to his brothers
 4. Coat of Arms of Gregory XV (1622)
 5. Joseph explains the Pharaoh's dream
 6. Moses presents the Tablets of the Law
 7. Moses strikes water from the rock
 8. God creates the animals
 9. God creates the stars
10. The gathering of manna
11. Joseph is sold by his brothers
12. Joseph explains his dream to his brothers
13. Pharaoh's army is flooded
      by the waters of the Red Sea

14. The crossing of the Red Sea
15. God separates the earth from the waters

The Choir Stalls - West Side  

1. Scenes with putti
2. Scenes with putti
3. Scenes with putti
4. Evangelists, Bishops and Prophets
5. Evangelists, Bishops and Prophets
6. Scenes with putti
7. Evangelists, Bishops and Prophets
8. Evangelists, Bishops and Prophets
The Choir Stalls - East Side  

1. St Peter cures the sick with his shadow
2. The death of Ananias and Saphira
3. St Paul cures a cripple
4. St Peter raises Tabitha
5. St Peter before Nero
6. The Angel frees St Peter from prison
7. The beheading of St Paul
8. The crucifixion of St Peter
9. Sts Peter and Paul appear in a
     vision to Constantine

10. The washing of the feet

The Choir Stalls - North Side  
 1. Evangelists, Bishops and Prophets
 2. Evangelists, Bishops and Prophets
 3. Evangelists, Bishops and Prophets
 4. Evangelists, Bishops and Prophets
 5. St Paul on Malta
 6. The conversion of Saul
 7. Moses raises the serpent in the desert
 8. Jesus calls Peter to walk on the water
 9. Sts Peter and John before the Sanhedrin
10. Jesus is arrested in the Garden of Olives
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