Floorplan Map  
     Floorplan St Peter's 1 Facade
2 Charlemagne Equestrian Statue
3 Portico (Atrium)
4 Giotto's mosaic of the Navicella
5 Constantine Equestrian Statue
6 Door of Death
7 Door of Good and Evil
8 Filarete Door
9 Door of the Sacraments
10 Holy Door (Porta Santa)
11 Patio of St Gregory the Illuminator
   (Grottoes exit, Cupola kiosk)
12 Baptism Chapel
13 Nave
14 Monument to Maria Clem. Sobieski
     (exit from the roof)
15 Monument to the Stuarts
16 Monument to Benedict XV
17 Presentation Chapel (Body of Pius X)
18 Monument to John XXIII
19 Monument to St. Pius X
20 Monument to Innocent VIII
21 Altar of the Immaculate Conception
22 Chapel of the Choir
23 Monument to Leo XI
24 Monument to Innocent XI
25 Altar of the Transfiguration
    (Body of Innocent XI)
26 Clementine Chapel
27 Monument to Pius VII
28 Altar of St Gregory the Great
29 Entrance to Sacristy & Treasury
   (List of Popes buried in St Peter's)
30 Monument to Pius VIII
31 Altar of the Falsehood
32 Statue of St Andrew
     (entrance to the Grottoes)
33 The Dome
34 Confessio (Tomb of St Peter)
35 Papal Altar and Baldacchino
36 Statue of St Veronica
37 Left Transept (daily mass)
  38 Altar of the Crucifixion of St Peter
39 Altar of St Joseph
40 Altar of St Thomas
41 Monument to Alexander VII
42 Altar of the Sacred Heart
43 Altar of St Peter Healing a Cripple
44 Chapel of Our Lady of the Column
45 Altar of Our Lady of the Column
46 Altar of St Leo the Great
47 Monument to Alexander VIII
48 The Tribune
49 Monument to Paul III
50 Cathedra Petri - Altar of the Chair
51 Monument to Urban VIII
52 Monument to Clement X
53 Chapel of Sts Michael and Petronilla
54 Altar of St Petronilla
55 Altar of St Michael the Archangel
56 Altar of St Peter raising Tabitha
57 Altar of the Navicella
58 Monument to Clement XIII
59 Statue of St Helen
60 Right Transept (Confession here)
61 Altar of St Erasmus
62 Altar of Sts Processus & Martinian
63 Altar of St Wenceslas
64 Statue of St Longinus
65 Altar of St Basil
66 Monument to Benedict XIV
Cupola Elevator
68 Bronze Statue of St Peter
69 Altar of St Jerome (Body of John XXIII)
70 Gregorian Chapel
71 Altar of Our Lady of Succour

72 Monument to Gregory XVI
73 Monument to Gregory XIV
74 Monument to Gregory XIII
75 Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament
      (for prayer only)
76 Altar of the Trinity
77 Monument to Matilda of Canossa
78 Monument to Innocent XII
79 Altar of St Francis
80 Monument to Pius XII
81 Chapel of St Sebastian  (Body of John Paul II)
82 Monument to Pius XI
83 Monument to Christina of Sweden
84 Monument to Leo XII
85 Chapel of the Relics
86 Chapel of the Pieta

  Statues of Founder Saints
St. Peter of Alcantara (below)
   St. Lucy Filippini (above)
B St. Camillo de Lellis (b)
   St. Louis Grignion de Montfort (a)
C St. Ignatius of Loyola (b)
   St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria (a)
D St Francis of Paola
    St Peter Fourier
E  St John of God (b)
    St Mary Euphrasia Pellettier (a)
F  St Peter Nolasco (b)
    St Louise de Marillac (a)
G St Norbert  (below)
   St William  (above)  
H St Juliana Falconieri (b)
   St Angela Merici (a)
I  St Benedict (b) St Frances of Rome (a)
J  St Francis of Assisi
    St Alphonsus of Liguori
K  St Dominic (b)
    St Francis Caracciolo (a)

L  St Elijah (b) - St Francis de Sales (a)
M St Bruno (b)
    St Paul of the Cross (a)
N  St Joseph Calasanctius (below)  
    St Bonfilius Monaldi (above)  
O  St Jerome Emiliani (b) - St Joan Antide Thouret (a)
P  St Cajetan Thiene (b)  St Frances Cabrini (a)
Q St John Bosco (above St Peter)
R St. Philip Neri (b)
   St. John Baptist de la Salle (a)
S St. Vincent de Paul (b)
   St. John Eudes (a)

T St. Teresa of Jesus (b)
   St. Madeleine Sophie Barat - (a)
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