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Queue for Mass for Consecrated Life, Feb '07 North fountain in St Peter's Square Decorations on Christmas Tree 2006 Nativity scene & Christmas Tree 2006 Sistine Chapel through the Colonnades
Nativity scene detail Description of Nativity scene Nativity scene in St Peter's Square Removal of XMas Tree star Rear of Nativity scene Police in Lamborghini Cart
Bronze Door to Apostolic Palace with Swiss Guard Sts Peter & Paul mosaic over Bronze Door St Peter's Basilica & Square Queue for Mass for Consecrated Life, Feb '07 Mater Ecclesiae mosaic in St Peter's Square Pilgrims around the Obelisk Mar '06
North Fountain - Lights in the Papal Apartment Sunday Noon 2007-2-4 Papal Angelus 07-2-4 Lantern on St Peter's Dome Noon Angelus 07-2-4 Nativity being deconstructed Square toward Via Conciliazione
Papal Angelus 07-2-4 Saints of the Colonnade St Peter's from the Vatican Museums Nuns watching children at St Peter's Children in St Peter's Square Papal Tiara Fountain outside the Square
Nuns at World Day of the Sick Traffic in Square at World Day of the Sick World Day of the Sick 2007-2-11 Watershow at World Day of the Sick St Peter's facade World Day of the Sick Faces on the South Fountain
Petros Eni exhibit entrance Sts. Ursula & Agatha on the Colonnades Christ and Apostles on St Peter's facade Dome and Facade from SouthEast Colonnade Saints Apollonius & Didimus Drinking Fountain near Obelisk
St Peter statue Obelisk base West side Cross on top of Obelisk North Colonnade Alexander VII Coat of Arms St Peter's Dome from Gianicolo Hill General Audience 2006
Marker where John Paul II was shot 13 May 1981 St Paul statue in front of St Peter's Center of the Colonnades Marker Pope at Easter 2006 Audio Visual Equipment for Easter 06 Papal Mass at Consistory 2006