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Walking Tours

St. Peter's Basilica - A Brief History - This text courtesy of Fr. Carolan OMI, of the English Guides to St. Peter's, provides an excellent walking tour of the basilica.

Seminarian Guides to St. Peter's
- This text, courtesy of the seminarians at the North American College, is an extensive resource used for their free guided tours.

St. Peter's - Guide to the Square and the Basilica
- The text from the book by Nicolo Suffi, ©1998, Libreria Editrice Vaticana. Sold at the Vatican bookstores and online from Paxbook.com

Guide to Saint Peter's Basilica - The text from the book by Fr. Giovanni Giuliani OFM Conv, coordinator of the Volunteer Guides of the Peregrination ad Petri Sedem. ©1995, ATS Italia - Roma, Sold at the Vatican bookstores.

SAINT PETER'S - The text from the book by James Lees-Milne, ©1967, Little Brown and Co. This material is in copyright: C Michael Bloch 1967. Requests for permission for any use of this material should be addressed to info@davidhigham.co.uk

Information about the life and work of James Lees-Milne may be found at www.jamesleesmilne.com

The Bones of St. Peter - The First Full Account of the Search for the Apostles Body by John Evangelist Walsh, © 1982, Doubleday & Co.

THE TOMB OF ST. PETER - This classic book by Margherita Guarducci deals with the excavations and ancient tradition of St. Peter's tomb under the Vatican basilica. © 1960, Hawthorn Books

The Architecture of Michelangelo - Selections from the book by James S. Ackerman. © 1966, A. Zwemmer Ltd, London

St. Peter's Square Vatican City - The text from the book by ©Ted Zuydwijk, S.J., Rome 1975

Scholarly Papers
Fifteen Blows with a Sledgehammer - This paper written by Mac Carey deals with the restoration of Michelangelo's Pieta after it was attacked in 1972.

Bernini's Reliquary Balconies in St. Peter's Basilica
- This paper by Letha Clair Robertson was written for a graduate seminar for Dr. Sally Cornelison at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. It is well researched and comprises a good source of information.. © 19 May 2005

St. Peter's Basilica - A Virtual Tour
- The text from the multimedia CD-ROM from Our Sunday Visitor, ©1999, Sold online by Our Sunday Visitor. ISBN: 0-87973-289-X

The Remains of Peter
- This article by Margherita Guarducci was published in the book 'The Vatican and Christian Rome' by © Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1975, pp 49-51.

S. PIETRO IN VATICANO - This chapter is from the book 'Pilgriage: A Chronicle of Christianity Through the Churches of Rome' by © June Hager, Cassells, 2001

The New Saint Peter's - This article by Ennio Francia was published in the book 'The Vatican and Christian Rome' by © Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1975, pp 59-93.

The Memorial of the Apostle and the Constantinian Basilica - This article by JosŤ Ruysschaert was published in the book 'The Vatican and Christian Rome' by ©Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1975, pp 33-48.

Bernini at St Peter's - Irving Lavin - This lengthly section from the book 'St Peter's in the Vatican' ed. William Tronzo, presents the best scholarship concerning Bernini's involvement at St Peter's. © Cambridge University Press 2005

Elizabeth Lev - Art Historian & Guide to St Peter's

Jane McIntosh - Author of Jane's Smart Art Guide

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