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1 Bronze Doors
 2 Arch of the Bells
 3 Petriano Entrance
 4 Tower of Nicolas V
 5 Palace of Sixtus V
   (Residence of the Holy Father)
 6 Palace of Gregory XIII
 7 Medieval Palace (Secretary of State)

 8 Borgia Tower
 9 Sistine Chapel
10 Hall of Ligorio
11 Hall of Sixtus V (Apostolic Library)
12 Courtyard of the Library
13 New Wing of the Chiaramonti Museum
14 Tower of the Winds
15 Hall of Bramante
16 Court of the "Pigna"

17 Fountain of the "Galera" (Sailing Ship)
18 Stairway of Bramante
19 Palace of Belvedere
20 Pius-Clementine Museum
21 Atrium of the Four Gates
22 Entrance/Exit to the Vatican Museums
23 Painting Gallery (Pinacoteca)
24 Gregorian Profane, Pio-Christian and    Ethnological Museums
25 Carriage Museum
26 The Passetto
27 Gate of Sant' Anna
28 Church of Sant' Anna dei Palafrenieri
29 Barracks of the Swiss Guards
30 Vatican Typography, Commissary
31 Charity Services of the Holy Father
32 Church of San Pellegrino
33 L'Osservatore Romano
34 Central Post Office
35 Vatican Drugstore, Health Services,
   Vatican Television and Telephone Service
36 Piazza del Forno
37 Fountain of the Sacrament
38 Casino Pio of Pius IV

  39 Pontifical Academy of Sciences
40 House of the Gardener
41 Fountain of the Eagle
42 Tower of Gallinaro
43 Management of Vatican Radio
44 Border of the Leonine City
45 Grotto of Lourdes
46 Tower of St John
47 Marconi Radio Transmission Center

48 Ethiopian College
49 Governatorate Building
50 Railway Station
51 Mosaic Studio, New Underground Parking
52 Church of Santo Stefano degli Abissini
53 Tribunal Palace, Gendarmerie Office
54 Residence of the Archpriest
55 Palace of San Carlo
56 Piazza Santa Marta

57 Domus Sanctae Marthae
58 Sacristy of St Peter's, Palace of the Canonicate,
     Historical Artistic Museum (Treasury)
59 Plaza of the Roman Protomartyrs- Scavi Office
60 Teutonic College and Cemetery
61 Papal Audience Hall "Paul VI"
62 Palace of the Holy Office
63 House of Hospitality "Gift of Mary"
64 Porta Santa Rosa


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St Joan Antide Thouret (b) - St Bruno (a) St Gaetano Thiene (b) - St Jerome Emiliani (a) St Bonfiglio (b) - St Francis Cabrini (a) St Paul of the Cross (b) - St Joseph Calasanctius (a) St Elias (b) - St Francis de Sales (a) St Dominic (b) - St Francesco Carocciolo (a) St Francis of Assisi (b) - St Alphonsus of Liguori (a) St Benedict (b) - St Francis of Rome (a) St Norbert (b) - St William (a) St Angela Merici (a) - St Juliana Falconieri (a) St Peter Nolasco (b) - St Louise de Marillac St John of God (b) - St Mary Euphrasia Pellettier (a) St John Bosco (a) St Francis de Paola (b) - St Peter Fourier (a) St Philip Neri (b) - St John Baptist de la Salle (a) St Ignatius of Loyola (b) - St Anthony Mary Zaccaria (a) St Vincent de Paul (b) - St John Eudes (a) St Camillo de Lellis (b) - St Louis Grignion de Montfort (a) St Theresa of Jesus (b) - St Sofia Maddalena Barat (a) St Peter of Alcantara (b) - St Lucia Filippini (a) Confessio - Tomb of St Peter Papal Altar & Baldacchino Chapel of the Pieta Monument to Leo XII Monument to Christina of Sweden Monument to Pius XI Chapel of St Sebastian Monument to Pius XII Monument to Innocent XII Monument to Matilda of Canossa Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament Monument to Gregory XIII Monument to Gregory XIIII Monument to Gregory XVI Altar of Our Lady of Succour Gregorian Chapel Bronze Statue of St Peter Altar of St Jerome (Body of John XXIII) Monument to Benedict XIV Altar of St Basil Right Transept Altar of St Wenceslas Altar of Sts Processus & Martinian Altar of St Erasmus Monument to Clement XIII Altar of the Navicella Altar of St Michael the Archangel Altar of St Petronilla Altar of St Peter Raising Tabitha Monument to Clement X The Tribune Altar of St Peter's Throne Monument to Urban VIII Monument to Paul III Altar of St Peter Healing the Cripple Monument to Alexander VIII Altar of St Leo the Great Chapel of Our Lady of the Column Altar of Our Lady of the Column Altar of the Sacred Heart Monument to Alexander VII Altar of St Thomas Altar of St Joseph Altar of the Crucifixion of St Peter Left Transept The Dome Statue of St Veronica Statue of St Helen Statue of St Longinus Statue of St Andrew Altar of the Falsehood Monument to Pius VIII Entrance to Sacristy & Treasury Altar of the Transfiguration Clementine Chapel Altar of St Gregory the Great Monument to Pius VII Monument to Innocent XI Altar of the Immaculate Conception Monument to Leo XI Chapel of the Choir Monument to Innocent VIII Monument to Pius X Monument to John XXIII Altar of the Presentation Monument to Benedict XV Monument to the Stuarts Monument to Maria Clementina Sobieski Baptistery Nave Constantine Equestrian Statue Entrance to Dome elevator Holy Door Door of the Sacraments Filarete Door Door of Good and Evil Door of Death Charlemagne Equestrian Statue Portico Giotto's mosaic of the Navicella Entrance to Scavi Tour Walkway to Sacristy & Museum Apostolic Palace Sts Thadeus, Matthew, Philip, Thomas, James the Greater, John the Baptist, Christ Redeemer, Andrew, John, James the Lesser, Bartholomew, Simeon, Matthias Roof of St Peter's Cross St Peter's Square St Peter's Square Water Fountain Water Fountain Water Fountain Water Fountain Entrance to Charlemagne Wing Bernini's Colonnade Bernini's Colonnade Bronze Doors - Entrance to Apostolic Palace Post Office & Information Bookstore Center of the Left Colonnade Center of the Right Colonnade Fountain of Maderno Fountain of Fontana Exit Elevator from Roof Facade by Maderno Dome of the Clementine Chapel Dome of the Gregorian Chapel Loggia of the Benediction Lantern - Viewing Area Michelangelo's Dome Drum of Michelangelo's Dome Papal Apartments The "Passetto" Arch of the Bells - Entrance Obelisk Statue of St Paul Statue of St Peter Roof of Basilica - Gift Shop Sistine Chapel Obelisk - original location Treasury Museum Sacristy Contact: John Paul II was shot on this spot 13 May 1981 Italian Gardens Atrium (Portico) of St Peter's Basilica Facade of St Peter's Basilica Statue of St Paul Statue of St Peter St Peter's Basilica - Floorplan Map Scala Regia Piazza del Risorgimento Carriage Museum Papal Coat of Arms Octagonal Courtyard Piazza Santa Marta Piazza Brachi - Entrance to Scavi, Exit from Grottoes Porta Santa Rosa House of Hospitality "Gift of Mary" Palace of the Holy Office Papal Audience Hall "Paul VI" Teutonic College and Cemetery Plaza of the Roman Protomartyrs Sacristy & Treasury of St Peter's Domus Sanctae Marthae Palace of San Carlo Residence of the Archpriest of St Peter's Tribunal Palace, Gendarmerie Office Church of Santo Stefano degli Abissini Mosaic Studio, New Underground Parking Railway Station Governatorate Building Ethiopian College Marconi Radio Transmission Center Tower of St John Grotto of Lourdes Border of the Leonine City Border of the Leonine City Border of the Leonine City Management of Vatican Radio Tower of Gallinaro Fountain of the Eagle House of the Gardener Pontifical Academy of Sciences Casino Pio of Pius IV Fountain of the Sacrament Piazza del Forno Drugstore, Health Services, Television & Telephone Service Central Post Office L' Osservatore Romano Church of San Pellegrino Charity Services of the Holy Father Vatican Typography, Commissary Barracks of the Swiss Guards Church of Sant' Anna dei Palafrenieri Gate of St Ann Elevator to St Peter's Roof Patio of Gregory the Illuminator - Gift Shop - Exit from Sistine Chapel Post Office Toilets Charlemagne Wing - Book Store, Post Office, Info Desk, Toilets Helicopter Pad Entrance to Grottoes - Kiosk for Cupola Elevator Security Entrance to St Peter's Basilica Entrance to Braccio Carlo Magno (Special Exhibits) Old Position of Obelisk Scavi Office Bag Deposit - Audio Rental - Toilets Obelisk in St Peter's Square The Passetto Carriage Museum Gregorian Profane - Pio-Christian - Ethnological Museums Painting Gallery (Pinacoteca) Entrance/Exit to the Vatican Museums Atrium of the Four Gates Pius-Clementine Museum Palace of Belvedere Stairway of Bramante Fountain of the Galera (Sailing Ship) Court of the Pigna (Pinecone) Hall of Bramante Tower of the Winds New Wing of the Chiaramonti Museum Courtyard of the Library Hall of Sixtus V - Apostolic Library Hall of Ligorio Sistine Chapel Borgia Tower Medieval Palace - Secretary of State Palace of Gregory XIII Palace of Sixtus V - Residence of the Holy Father Tower of Nicholas V Petriano Entrance Arch of the Bells Bronze Doors Bronze Doors