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1. Chapel with Tomb of Pius XII
2. Chapel of St Veronica
3. Clementinian Peribolos
4. Chapel of St Helen
5. Clementine Chapel (Chapel of St Peter)
6. Gregorian Peribolos
7. Chapel of the Madonna of Bocciata
8. Opening onto the Archeological Remains of the Confessio (ex Chapel of Salvatorello)
9. Irish Chapel of St Columbanus
10. Chapel of the Madonna of Partorienti
11. Southern Corridor of the Confessio
12. The Confessio - Pallium Niche
13. Northern Corridor of the Confessio
14. Polish Chapel of Our Lady of Czestochowa
15. Lithuanian Chapel of Mater Misericordiae
16. Peribolos - Last Section
17. Mexican Chapel of Our Lady of Guadeloupe
18. Tomb of Pius VI
19. Chapel of the Madonna between Peter and Paul
20. Peribolos - First Section
21. Chapel of the Patron Saints of Europe
22. Chapel of St. Andrew (Grottoes Entrance)
23. Opening in front of the Confessio
48. Early Christian Sarcophagus
Mosaic of John VII
50. Gallery of Clement VIII
51. Sarcophagus of Pius III
52. Sarcophagus of Paul II
53. Polyandrium under the floor
54. Tomb of Hadrian IV
55. Tomb of Innocent VII
56. Tomb of Nicholas V
57. Tomb of Monsignor Ludvig Kaas
58. Tomb of Gregory V
59. Tomb of Emperor Otto II
60. Tomb of Julius III
61. Statue of Pius VI
62. Tomb of Nicholas III
63. Tomb of Boniface VIII
64. Icon of the Madonna Dolorosa
     and Reliefs of the Doctors of the Church
65. Dividing wall of Paul III and the
     Remains of two Columns from the Old Basilica
66. Funerary Monument of Calixtus III
67. Marble Statue of St Peter Enthroned
68. Exit from the Grottoes to the Patio

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