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56 Papal Medalllion Portraits

The Square

Vatican City

Colonnade Saints

The History

  1. Peter
2. Linus
3. Cletus I
4. Clement I
5. Anacletus I
6. Evaristus
7. Alexander I
8. Sixtus I
9. Telesphorus
10. Hyginus
11. Pius I
12. Anicetus
13. Soter
14. Eleutherius
15. Victor I
16. Zephyrinus
17. Callistus I
18. Urban I
19. Pontian
20. Anterus
21. Fabian
22. Cornelius
23. Lucius I
24. Stephen I
25. Sixtus II
26. Dionysius
27. Felix I
28. Eutychian
29. Caius
30. Marcellinus
31. Marcellus I
32. Eusebius
33. Melchiades
34. Sylvester I
35. Mark
36. Julius I
37. Felix II
38. Damasus I
39. Anastasius I
40. Innocent I
41. Zosimus
42. Boniface I
43. Celestine I
44. Sixtus III
45. Leo I
46. Hilarus
47. Simplicius
48. Felix III
49. Gelasius I
50. Symmachus
51. Hormisdas
52. John I
53. Felix IV
54. Agapitus I
55. Silverius
56. Benedict II
56 of the early sainted popes are represented in chronological order on the piers of the nave and the sides of the lateral chapels. These marble medallions designed by Bernini for Pope Innocent XI were the work of many artists.  The series begins with St Peter, located on a pier next to the Choir Chapel, and concludes with Benedict II on a pier next to the Chapel of the Pieta.  St Benedict II is actually the 81st pope, and several popes are excluded in the series. Both Cletus (3) and Anacletus (5) are included, and there has been a long standing discussion that these may be the same person.

St Jerome Emiliani (b) - St Joan Antide Thouret (a) St Gaetano Thiene (b) - St Francis Cabrini (a) St Joseph Calasanctius (b) St Bonfiglio (a) St Bruno (b) - St Paul of the Cross (a) St Elias (b) - St Francis de Sales (a) St Dominic (b) - St Francesco Carocciolo (a) St Francis of Assisi (b) - St Alphonsus of Liguori (a) St Benedict (b) - St Francis of Rome (a) St Juliana Falconieri (b) - St William (a) St Norbert (b) - St Angela Merici (a) St Peter Nolasco (b) - St Louise de Marillac (a) St John of God (b) - St Mary Euphrasia Pellettier (a) St John Bosco (a) St Francis de Paola (b) - St Peter Fourier (a) St Philip Neri (b) - St John Baptist de la Salle (a) St Ignatius of Loyola (b) - St Anthony Mary Zaccaria (a) St Vincent de Paul (b) - St John Eudes (a) St Camillo de Lellis (b) - St Louis Grignion de Montfort (a) St Theresa of Jesus (b) - St Sofia Maddalena Barat (a) St Peter of Alcantara (b) - St Lucia Filippini (a) Confessio - Tomb of St Peter Papal Altar & Baldacchino Chapel of the Pieta Monument to Leo XII Monument to Christina of Sweden Monument to Pius XI Chapel of St Sebastian Monument to Pius XII Monument to Innocent XII Monument to Matilda of Canossa Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament Monument to Gregory XIII Monument to Gregory XIIII Monument to Gregory XVI Altar of Our Lady of Succour Gregorian Chapel Bronze Statue of St Peter Altar of St Jerome (Body of John XXIII) Monument to Benedict XIV Altar of St Basil Right Transept Altar of St Wenceslas Altar of Sts Processus & Martinian Altar of St Erasmus Monument to Clement XIII Altar of the Navicella Altar of St Michael the Archangel Altar of St Petronilla Altar of St Peter Raising Tabitha Monument to Clement X The Tribune Altar of St Peter's Throne Monument to Urban VIII Monument to Paul III Altar of St Peter Healing the Cripple Monument to Alexander VIII Altar of St Leo the Great Chapel of Our Lady of the Column Altar of Our Lady of the Column Altar of the Sacred Heart Monument to Alexander VII Altar of St Thomas Altar of St Joseph Altar of the Crucifixion of St Peter Left Transept The Dome Statue of St Veronica Statue of St Helen Statue of St Longinus Statue of St Andrew Altar of the Falsehood Monument to Pius VIII Entrance to Sacristy & Treasury Altar of the Transfiguration Clementine Chapel Altar of St Gregory the Great Monument to Pius VII Monument to Innocent XI Altar of the Immaculate Conception Monument to Leo XI Chapel of the Choir Monument to Innocent VIII Monument to Pius X Monument to John XXIII Altar of the Presentation Monument to Benedict XV Monument to the Stuarts Monument to Maria Clementina Sobieski Baptistery Nave Constantine Equestrian Statue Entrance to Dome elevator Holy Door Door of the Sacraments Filarete Door Door of Good and Evil Door of Death Charlemagne Equestrian Statue Portico Giotto's mosaic of the Navicella St Elizabeth of Portugal St Albert St Tecla - Virgin & Martyr St Vitale - Martyr St Petronilla - Virgin St Leonard St Gallicano St Norbert St Theobald St Theodore St Jerome St Ilarione St Brunone St Ludovic Beltrando St John of Matha St Romaldo St Joseph St Peter Nolasco St Paul - first hermit St Anthony - Abbot St Francis of Paola St Anthony of Padova St Charles Borromeo St Philip Neri St Philip Benizi St Gaetano Thiene St Frances Saverio St Jacinth St Theodora St Beatrice - Virgin and Martyr St Catherine of Siena St Galla - Roman matron St Marcellinus - Pope and Martyr St Sylvester - Pope St Martin - Pope and Martyr St Marcellinus - Pope and Martyr St Celestine V - Pope St Clement St Leo IV - Pope St Gregory Nazianzeno St Hubald - Bishop St John Crisostomo St Anastasio - Bishop St Leo the Great St Alexander - Bishop St Ignatius - Bishop and Martyr St Ignatius - Bishop and Martyr St Spiridione - Bishop St Eusebius St Romano St Stephen St Laurence St Dionysus St Pancras St Pelagia - Martyr St Crescentino St Andrew Corsini St Constance St Felix St Achilleo St Nereus St Juliana St Paul St Basilissa St Ippolit St Feliciano St Primus St Faustus - Martyr St Timothy St Sebastian St Fabian St Prudenziana St Prassede St Modesto St Vitus St Marcellinus - Martyr St Mark St Bonaventure - Bishop St Thomas Aquinas St Gervase - Martyr St Protasio St Ruffo - Martyr St Zosimus St Cosma St Damian St John St Paul St Francis - Martyr St Anastasio St Celsus St Julian St Juliana St Theresa St Francis de Sales St Francis Borgia St Nicholas of Tolentino St Nicholas of Bari St Martina St Susanna St Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi St George St Francesca Romana St Cecilia St Giusto St Catherine - Virgin and Martyr St Agnes St Genesio St Ponziano St Colomba St Mamante St Malco - Martyr St Benigno St Barbara St Fausta St Candide St Apollonius St Didimus St Marino St Eusigno - Martyr St Marciano St Nilamone St Fabiola - Widow St Febronia - Virgin and Martyr St Mark - Evangelist St Mary Egiziaca St Ephraim St Theodosia St Macrina St Dominic St Francis of Assisi St Bernard St Benedict St Ignatius Loyola St Remigius - Bishop St Apollonia St Balbina - Virgin and Martyr St Lucia St Olympia St Clair - Virgin St Ursula St Agatha - Virgin and Martyr St Elizabeth of Portugal St Albert St Tecla - Virgin & Martyr St Vitale - Martyr St Petronilla - Virgin St Leonard St Gallicano