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Tomb of St Peter by M. Guarducci

The Bones of St Peter by John E Walsh

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This site provides multiple sources of information for the Vatican Necropolis, which is referred to as the Scavi. All reservations for the Scavi Tour must go through the Vatican Excavations Office.
We cannot assist you with a tour reservation.

Map of the Vatican Necropolis - Scavi

This section provides a map of the Necropolis under St Peter's Basilica. Each of the tombs and areas have individual pages which provide photos, illustrations and information.

The Scavi Tour

Though we cannot help you with a tour reservation, tips and FAQ's are provided here for taking the tour. The only place you can book the Scavi Tour is:
Vatican Excavations Office (Ufficio Scavi)

Books on the Vatican Necropolis

The Bones of St Peter by John E Walsh (complete text here)
The complete text of this book by John Evangelist Walsh presents the entire story of the excavations and the search for the actual bones of St. Peter. This book is a well-balanced discussion of whether the bones found at St Peter's tomb are actually those of the Apostle.

Tomb of St Peter by M. Guarducci (complete text here)
Margherita Guarducci was the distinguished Italian archaeologist who worked for years to deciper the graffiti found in the Necropolis. On Wall G, at the tomb of St Peter, Profefessor Guarducci discovered a religious "cryptography" where the ancient faithful had left their prayers.

The Book To Buy is The Vatican Necropolis, in "Roma Sacra", 25, P. Zander. Roma 2003. Available at Vatican bookstores, and online at




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