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St Peter's Guide to the Square and Basilica by Nicolo Suffi, ©1998, Libreria Editrice
SAINT PETER'S by James Lees-Milne ©1967
St Peter's Basilica - A Brief History by Fr. Carolan, OMI
Seminarian's Guide to St Peter's by the North American College seminarians
The Bones of St Peter by John Evangelist Walsh ©1982
St Peter's Basilica - A Virtual Tour - CD from Our Sunday Visitor  ©1999
The chapter 'Bernini at St Peter's' by Irving Lavin ©2005
The Tomb of St Peter by Marcherita Guarducci ©1960
Guide to St Peter's Basilica by Fr. Giovanni Giuliani
S. Pietro in Vaticano - Chapter from 'Pilgrimage: A Chronicle of Christianity Through Churches of Rome by June Hager ©2001
St Peter's Square Vatican City by Ted Zuydwijk
Selections from The Architecture of Michelangelo by James S. Ackerman  ©1966
The Memorial of the Apostle and the Constantinian Basilica by Josè Ruysschaert from 'The Vatican and Christian Rome' ©1975
The Remains of Peter by Margherita Guarducci from 'The Vatican and Christian Rome' ©1975
The New St Peter's by Ennio Francia from 'The Vatican and Christian Rome' pp 59-93, ©1975

Bernini's Reliquary Balconies in St Peter's by Clair Robertson
Fifteen Blows with a Sledgehammer by Mac Carey

More Information on these books is available here

Elizabeth Lev - Art Historian & Guide to St Peter's

Jane McIntosh - Author of Jane's Smart Art Guide

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