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94. St. Pelagia
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St. Pelagia the Penitent

Sculptor - Pierre Etienne Monnot
He received 80 scudi for the statue. This work arises about the middle of Monnot's artistic career.

Statue Installed - c.1703
Monnot undertook to carry out the statue in February 1703, and delivered it at the end of June.

Height - 3.1 m. (10ft 4in) travertine
Here we have the iconography of women penitents such as Mary of Egypt or Mary Magdalene.  Pelegia has a disheveled look with loose hair, while holding a skull with the left hand.

The legend of Pelagia is now thought to be a fiction. She is described in her legend as a convert prostitute from Antioch in Syria who lived disguised as a monk on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, being only found out as a woman as the body was being prepared for his funeral.


Saints on South Colonnade
Charlemagne Wing

94. Pelagia

93. Crescentius

92. Andrew Corsini

Saints on South Colonnade
Charlemagne Wing

94. Pelagia

93. Crescentius, 92. Andrew Corsini

91. Constance, 90. Felix

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