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117. St. Catherine of Siena
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St. Catherine of Siena
Borm - 25 March 1347
Died 29 April 1380
Canonized - 1461 by Pope Pius II

Feastday - 29 April

Statue created - c.1665-1666
This statue is part of a group of 24 installed above the colonnade entrances. The Alexander VII Coat of Arms that is adjacent was installed on 1 July 1666.

Sculptor - Lazzaro Morelli
The statue identifies some recurring motifs of the sculptor, such as the rolled edge of the garment.also found in St Laurence (97).

Height - 3.1 m. (10ft 4in) travertine
Though the statue can be identified with Catherine of Siena, it was traditionally believed to be St Rose of Lima. She is shown in a monk's habit swaying in the wind and holding a crucifix.  Her face is composed with a feeling of devotion.

St Catherine of Siena was a tertiary of the Dominican Order, philosopher and theologian.  She worked to bring the papacy of Gregory XI back to Rome. In 1970 Paul VI proclaimed her a Doctor of the Church. She is a patron saint of Europe, and co-patron of Italy along with St Francis. 


Saints on South Colonnade
Alexander VII Coat of Arms

117. Catherine of Siena

116. Galla

Saints on South Colonnade
Alexander VII Coat of Arms
Vatican Obelisk on Left

120. Hyacinth

119. Theodora

118. Beatrice

117. Catherine of Siena

116. Galla




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