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73. St. Marcellinus
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St. Marcellinus
Died - 413

Feastday - 13 September

Statue created - c.1702-1703
Zena began to work the statue in 1702 and finished it in March 1703.

Sculptor - Agostino Zena
He received 80 scudi for the work. This the only know work of the stonemason Zena.

Height - 3.1 m. (10ft 4in) travertine
The saint is leaning against a tree trunk and dressed in a simple mantle. He brings the right hand to the heart in a gesture of supplication.

Little is known of Marcellinus. a Roman official and friend of Sts Augustine and Jerome. He presided in the 411 conference in Carthage between Catholic bishops and the Donatists.  Accused of complicity with Heraclean, he was martyred in 413. He was not listed in the Roman Martyrology until the revision by Baronius in 1586.

  Saints on South Colonnade
Charlemagne Wing

73. Marcellinus, 72. Mark

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 Saints on South Colonnade
Charlemagne Wing
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73. Marcellinus, 72. Mark

71. Bonaventure


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