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Key to St Peter's Tomb
Gold-plated bronze. Eighteenth century.

St Peter's keys, which are also called the Supreme Keys or the Sacred Keys, are the emblem itself of the Church of Rome, the symbol of papal authority, since Christ entrusted them to the Prince of the Apostles St Peter. In this work, the fine craftsmanship should be noted both in the bronze casting and in the precision of the chased work which can be appreciated especially in the cord that holds the two keys together and the pendant below.


Tomb Monument of Sixtus IV Dalmatic of Charlemagne Column from the Constantinian Basilica Frame of the Veronica Ciborium of 1432
Angel Model in Clay by Bernini Reliquary of the Holy Cross Bronze Rooster from the Bell Tower of the Old Basilica

A few of the many items on display in the Treasury Museum

Information on the Treasury Museum is taken from the CD "IL TESORO DI SAN PIETRO" BY Citec ed


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